What happened to the Monsters?

The planet was left unguarded...

After some time, Minerva, the leader of the SERVOs, came back online, her power levels dangerously low. With just enough juice to examine her sensors, she took a look around. The Cave lied dormant; all of the power cells that gave life to the other SERVOs were nowhere to be seen.

And worse yet; the hibernating Monsters were missing as well!

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Gameplay Information

In Rise & Destroy players control powerful monsters who must rise up and destroy the menacing weapons and cities created by the opposing Human forces. One by one, the player rescues and frees new Monsters, which unlocks them for play. With each new Monster unlocked the player gains access to new and devastating destructive abilities to help them in their quest.

  • Upgrade powerful SERVOs, Monsters and Creeplings in your Monster Cave
  • Collect Power Cells from human cities to fully upgrade your monster Cave to its previous glory
  • Rescue more Monsters as you advance through the map
  • Wield the power of fire, electricity, ice and more!

Go forth! Push the invading Human forces back! Rise... and Destroy!